Carpets and rugs, including oriental rugs

Total Carpet Cleaning can offer a wide range of cleaning for flooring, especially carpets and rugs, including oriental rugs. Give us a call.

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Upholstry, including leather

Suites, Chesterfields, chaise lounges, dining chairs etc upholstered in most materials clean up surpassingly from a professional clean. Call us today.

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Odour Removal

Stains are one thing, but unpleasant smelling odours in what might appear to be the cleanest of area can be even more off-putting. Let us get rid of them for you.

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Stain Removal

We can remove everyday common stains such as tea, coffee, red wine and even stubborn grass stains.

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Drives, Paving and Walls

Does your drive, paving or walls need de-weeding? Our power-washer and weed treatment is what you need. We can even re-sand your block paving.

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Have some ghastly guttering crammed full of moss or decaying matter causing blockages and damp problems? Call us today for a no-obligation quote.

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Check list

Questions to ask before you allow a carpet cleaner into your home


Do they have good references?

Our company is considered by many as one of the most reliable carpet cleaning companies in the area. We are often referred by some of the most seasoned professionals in the carpet industry.


What kind of experience do they have?

We have cared for the finest of carpets and rugs and speciality items. Whether the carpet is natural or synthetic, we are one of the most experienced cleaners in the area.


Are they well educated in their field?

We regularly attend educational courses, certification schools, conventions, and study trade journals and books related to our work.


What systems do they use?

The machines we use are amonst the most advanced systems available. Our equipment does not over-wet the carpet. You can expect maximum soil removal and the pile will be "standing tall" again.


Do they use top quality products?

You can be assured that our products are effective, efficient and safe for your carpet, the consumer, and the environment. If a spot can be removed, our products will remove it.


Will you get what you expect?

Quality carpet cleaning is not cheap, but can extend the life of your investment. Caring for your carpeting can save you money in the long run.


Do they guarantee their work?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We want all our customer to feel happy with any service we have carried out.